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Still here

Dear friends, just letting you know that...after a longer than expected hiatus from music, I am returning to work on my fourth album. Now don't jinx it and ask me when it will drop (smile!). More details to come in my next post...Also, I have truly appreciated the many kind emails I received during my time away from the music scene; I sincerely apologize for not being able to answer every message but please know that your words of support have meant a lot to me these past few years. --Melanie

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Wow.... love to see you here in New Zealand. Just finished listening to the Live At Blues Alley album, very nice indeed. Pete
I enjoyed sitting in with you some years back. You are an amazing guitarist and the blues world has sorely missed you.
Just listening to "Live At Blues Alley" for the umpteenth time and it still gives me the same musical joy as the first time I heard it !! Melanie you are a superb musician and player and ditto for your band.Also the recording engineer should commended as it is the best live recording in my collection ( 13,000 + songs ) Take your time with the new album, I will be waiting to buy it. Have a great day Your Fan in Calgary

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